Tatianna Cuevas


Tatianna Bijou Cuevas, age 6, left with her father, John Varga Cuevas, age 39, on a scheduled vacation to Paris, France. They were expected to return on August 12, 2018, but there has been no sign of them. Tatianna Cuevas was allegedly abducted by her father, John Varga Cuevas, as they failed to return to Canada from their approved vacation to France and Germany on the agreed return date. A Canada Wide Warrant has been issued for John Varga Cuevas.

Peel Regional Police are actively involved and have confirmed that John Varga Cuevas purchased one-way tickets to Paris for himself and Tatianna, and arrived on July 30, 2018. Tatiana’s legal guardian filed a Hague Convention application for France, which was approved. However, travel throughout various countries in Europe is not difficult and we cannot be sure that they are still in France