arrested for no reason


Robertson and Deneault – who is a mental health addict with custody of Robertson’s eight-year-old son – traveled to Grandview Highway on the afternoon of May 12, 2019, along with Deneault’s boyfriend and granddaughter.

After they shopped, they paid, and they started leaving, with Robertson pushing their things into a shopping cart, the lawsuit says .

They say a security guard confronted them as soon as they got out and accused them of shoplifting, but didn’t ask for a receipt . Robertson told the guard they had paid and went to their car in the parking lot , Six VPD policemen arrived in three separate cars, while the son and mother unloaded their luggage in their car.

Four officers allegedly tackled Robertson to the ground and restrained him by forcing his knees to the back of his head, neck and legs. he hurt himself , They repeatedly punched and abused the man on his back, head and legs before handcuffing and arresting him, the lawsuit says. Robertson says he couldn’t resist arrest.
Police say arresting the man and his mother were “very conflicted”. They say Robertson refused to answer questions and was uncooperative .

The police tried to handcuff him to “prevent the aggression from escalating” and to arrest him for the attacks. He kept yelling bad words at the police and refused to put his hands behind his back,” Roed said in a statement. certainly false. A fight ensued, but in the end the officers managed to put him in handcuffs.” to the ground

Robertson was taken to prison for breaking the peace and later apologized, Roed said.Police say the security personnel chose not to pursue the allegations.and then he was released under bail.